Monday, December 28, 2009


Debbee's resolution # 4...

BEE organized! Join me and my daughter Kristen on HSN!

Jan 1st at 9:00 pm,
Jan 2nd at noon and 11:00 pm

Make 2010 a FLIPPIN GOOD YEAR...organize!!!

We have some great new FLIPFOLD colors and some fabulous new

See ya there...................

2010 Will be a "FLIPPIN" good year!

OK...It's that time of year again...The time that we look forward to starting anew...a clean slate....this year I am really going to do it right....I will be organized...I will exercise...I will eat right...I will be a better person....sound familiar????

If it does...GOOD. I truely believe that positive thinking and good intentions are a necessary first step to making Good things happen.
Now, I will be the first one to admit that I can not remember a year that I actually acheived my entire list of resolutions :-( But I will pat myself on the back for chipping away at the big mountain of challenges that I recognize every New Year's Day.

I will jump into 2010 with my "Large basket of unfolded laundry"(obviously this is a metephor for my "to do" list, you know I have a FLIPFOLD ) ....and fold one piece at a time. I plan on getting to the bottom of the pile this year!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's your favorite COLOR

The famous question used to be "Does size make a difference???? I won't even venture an answer to that one :). But how about this one.."Does COLOR make adifference?" I can definately answer this one with a definate NO.....but color can make you feel good....

Think about it. Does your mood change for the better (or the worse) when you wear or surround yourself with different colors??? I know my mood is definately effected by colors. So, I took my crazy fixation with color and imposed it on my FLIPFOLDS. We started with basic Blue. (who doesn't like blue). Then we added green, yellow, pink red, purple, white, black, and now our newest additions orange and lavender.

We have all of these colors because they make me (and apparently so many of you) just feel soo good. Some people, superorganizers, like to color code by room or by user. Kristen gets Pink and Bradd gets green.

Me...I just love color!! Believe it or not, there is not a day that goes by that someone doesn't call our office and ask, "Does one color work better than others?" NO NO NO....Color makes no just makes ME feel good!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Organizing with PETER WALSH...

OK....I have died and gone to organizing Heaven!!!
When I went to HSN this August, I was lucky enough to do 3 shows with
the King of all organizing Mr. Peter Walsh!

I am sure you all recognize Peter from his many appearances on the OPRAH show. You also will remember him from Clean Sweep. The ability that this man has when it comes to "cutting the clutter" is amazing. He has an uncanny way of looking at an unorganized situation and creating a step by step path to create order.

He calls himself an Organizing Geek...but this is a Geek we should all aspire to be. He breaks down the problem step by step, uses the right tools, (he loves the FlipFOLD), and energizes you to tackle the task.

I can't help but wonder if that cute Aussie accent helps him...his organizing words are inspiring.

I will be back on HSN September 16th at 6am and 2pm...I promise I will try to channel THE KING!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Flipping' out over Graduation!

OK! they finally made it...Graduation is here and it is time to send them off to college. As parents, we have done our very best to prepare them in every way for this very important next step in life.

I will never forget the unbelievable effort necessary to prepare my daughters for life on their own in a college dorm room. I was determined that they would have all the necessities on hand so they would could concentrate on the main goal...getting good grades.

After the first month, I found it was the little things that would trip them up...getting lost on campus, running out of their monthly allowance with 2 weeks left in the month, loosing keys to name a few.

I must proudly report that both of my daughters always had clean, folded clothes...Yes, it was because they had their FLIPFOLDS! Actually, this handy FLIPFOLD turned out to be much more than a quicker, neater way to do their laundry. It was a social icebreaker in the laundry room! My girls have quite a few stories about friends they have made over a FlIPFOLD encounter.

Every single graduate I know has received a FLIPFOLD with 4 rolls of quarters as a graduation gift. Our FLIPFOLDS go to colleges all over the world!

A great way to Flip out over your graduate this June...They will think of you every laundry day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The PERFECT gift for MOM

Forget the boring run of the mill flowers and candy... be a little more imaginative this year.
As I mom, I can't begin to tell you how much it means when that extra thought is put into a gift.
My favorite part of Mother's Day is the way it begins.  In my house, it always starts with a delicious brunch lovingly planned by my husband and daughters. 

This brunch is no small task... my husband Bradd shops and prepares for at least a week prior to Mothers Day morning. This is the only meal he prepares for the entire year, and he makes sure that every detail is perfectly executed...from flowers, to the ultimate in Culinary delights. The feast is a gastronomic event that Dear Bradd will remind me of for the remaining 364 days of the year!

This is the day I feel like a QUEEN...Debbee, the Queen Bee.

Happy Mothers Day to you all....And remember....It is GREAT TO BE QUEEN!!!!

p.s. If you can't be with Mom...send her one of our great accessories from www.FLIPFOLD.COM,  We will wrap, and send directly to her from our Bee-utiful website. I promise you, she will feel like a QUEEN!

Bee Happy,


Monday, March 2, 2009

ORGANIZE your wardrobe 1 step at a time

OK...Spring is coming and it is time to reorganize your wardrobe... you
open the closet doors, and look at those shelves and drawers ....and you are totally overwhelmed. We all have been there...UGH.

Here is an organizing approach that will help you tackle the closet monster.

1. Do NOT try to tackle this job in one day. Separate your hanging clothes into 4 equal sections. Rehang, repair, colorize and reshuffle 1 section a day for 4 days.

2. Now, assign your shelves and drawers to the next 3 days...refold, re stack, and colorize. Now in 1 week, you have everything arranged in a somewhat of a orderly visible manner.

3. NOW that you can see everything, review your wardrobe by silhouette. Day 8, evaluate your tops, day 9 your pants, day 10 sweaters, day 11 dresses, day 12 jackets, day 13 and 14 miscellaneous. You should be able to filter out at least 25% of your wardrobe.

4. The CLOSET MONSTER can be tamed, a day at a time. In 2 weeks, by just spending about 15 minutes a day, you can actually find order in your wardrobe without having a total meltdown.

And, just think how proud that would make your mother!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Made in the USA...Keeping our jobs home!

I invented FLIPFOLD on my kitchen counter...just a mom trying to teach her kids to do their own laundry. Our first 200 FLIPFOLDS were made in our garage with an assembly line manned by friends and family. I knocked on countless doors selling my great American invention one at a time. I patented and trademarked my idea with my attorney happy for the protection our US courts provided. We sell our FLIPFOLDS on American TV, use them in our homes, in our retail stores, schools, everywhere there is folding that needs to be done. But, what we are most proud of is that we make EVERY single FLIPFOLD right here in the USA....made in a Florida factory and shipped all over the world! An American Dream has come true..right in our own backyard. FLIPFOLD...PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's "Flippin" cold outside!

"Baby its cold outside"...sooo why not stay inside where it is warm and toasty and do some organizing?

I usually begin organizing in my closets. Grab your FLIPFOLD and begin with the pile of "I'll think about these later clothes". I began with my football jerseys. My favorite college team, the FLORIDA GATORS, got top billing. I folded at least a dozen T-shirts with various graphics using the PRINT FOLD method. The PRINT FOLD is one of the many methods to fold a shirt with the FLIPFOLD. It displays the graphic on the front of the shirt when it is folded. This way, you can find a particular shirt without unfolding it. This is a method is widely used in retail stores. Its an easy 5 second fold...check out the instructions on my website

You can make your closets and drawers a work of art with the FLIPFOLD. And, more importantly, easily find any piece of clothing you are looking for. Now, that might not stop the outside winter chill...but it will give you a warm aaaahhhh feeling inside.
Oh the power of Organization...priceless!!!