Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Watch the FlipFold on HSN

Good morning FlipFolders!

Check out Debbee with the FlipFold and BRAND NEW Flip 'N Dazzles on the Home Shopping Network on....

Thursday, April 1st -7 a.m. hour & 12 noon hour (EST)

Friday, April 2nd- 12 noon hour (EST)

Debbee will be showcasing brand new Flip 'N Dazzle patterns-including colorful poppy flowers, which are exclusive to HSN.

Happy Folding!

The FlipFold Team

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Become a Fan of The Original FlipFold- The Ulitmate Folding Tool -Facebook Page

Calling all FlipFold Fans!

Are you on Facebook? Check out the FlipFold fan page. Simply type "FlipFold" into the search field to find our page-The Original FlipFold-The Ultimate Folding Tool.

Visit the FlipFold Fan Page for special offers on FlipFold & Debbee products, upcoming events, and Debbee's upcoming HSN show times. We also will post pictures of our newest products, coming soon!

Happy Folding!
The FlipFold Team

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FlipFold & The Big Idea- Part II

Read about the FlipFold story in Donny Deutsch's latest book, The Big Idea. The chapter titled "Fueled by Mom Power" highlights the journey Debbee embarked upon to transform the FlipFold from just a "big idea" into reality.

The Big Idea is an interesting read, as well as a useful resource for all who have an entrepreneurial spirit!

Check out clips of Debbee & the FlipFold on "The Big Idea"! Visit www.flipfold.com and click on the "In The News" tab.

Happy Folding!

"Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one else has thought".-Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Check Out Our Spring FlipFOLD Colors

As we march into Spring make sure you check out our FlipFOLD in these fashionable Spring colors.

Don't forget the the FlipFOLD Jr. is available in all colors as well. Order FlipFOLD combo (mix and match colors) for the perfect gift!

If you have to fold the laundry, while not fold in style with the FlipFOLD!

Happy Folding,


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Start Your Spring Cleaning With The FlipFOLD

It's that time of year when we can start putting away our winter clothes and get ready for Spring! YAY! Let the FlipFOLD help you start off spring cleaning on the right foot.

Use the FlipFOLD to neatly fold your favorite sweaters and blankets before you store them for the spring and summer months. The FlipFOLD will save you tons of space in your closets and drawers, and when it is time to pull out your winter items they will be wrinkle free! You will now be able to stay organized no matter what season it is!

How to fold a sweater or long sleeve shirt:
1. Lay the shirt face down on the FlipFOLD and fold the bottom of the shirt to the edge of the board.
2. Fold the [long] sleeves into the perimeter of the board. If folding a hooded sweatshirt, fold the hood into the perimeter of the board also.
3. Then simply flip the 2 side panels one at a time, then the middle panel- just flip, flip, flip & fold! If your sweater is extra bulky you may want to make the last fold by hand.
4. In seconds, you now have a uniform, neatly folded sweater or long sleeve shirt!

How to fold a blanket:

1. Fold the blanket in half lengthwise and place on the FlipFOLD. If the blanket is over sized make sure that the overlap is the same on the top and bottom of the board.
2. Then simply flip the 2 side panels one at a time, then the middle panel.
3. In seconds, you now have a crisply folded blanket. You won't believe how much space you will save in your linen closet!

Happy Folding & Happy Spring Cleaning!