Monday, May 18, 2009

Flipping' out over Graduation!

OK! they finally made it...Graduation is here and it is time to send them off to college. As parents, we have done our very best to prepare them in every way for this very important next step in life.

I will never forget the unbelievable effort necessary to prepare my daughters for life on their own in a college dorm room. I was determined that they would have all the necessities on hand so they would could concentrate on the main goal...getting good grades.

After the first month, I found it was the little things that would trip them up...getting lost on campus, running out of their monthly allowance with 2 weeks left in the month, loosing keys to name a few.

I must proudly report that both of my daughters always had clean, folded clothes...Yes, it was because they had their FLIPFOLDS! Actually, this handy FLIPFOLD turned out to be much more than a quicker, neater way to do their laundry. It was a social icebreaker in the laundry room! My girls have quite a few stories about friends they have made over a FlIPFOLD encounter.

Every single graduate I know has received a FLIPFOLD with 4 rolls of quarters as a graduation gift. Our FLIPFOLDS go to colleges all over the world!

A great way to Flip out over your graduate this June...They will think of you every laundry day!