Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Is your closet out of shape..bulging with disorganized piles, messy heaps of clothing, and totally overstuffed?

If so, it is time for the FLIPFOLD DIET...a diet that will create an extreme makeover for your closet and drawers. If "organized, colorized, well displayed and a pleasure to look at", are not phrases that describe your closet....this is the diet for you!

All that you need for this diet is one thing....a FLIPFOLD!

You will see results immediatly if you follow these simple directions:

1. Empty your closet and drawers
2. Refold all of your clothes, towels, sheets, or anything else you have and separate them into piles by classification, (t-shirts w/ t-shirts, pants w/ pants etc)
3. Now put these neat,uniform, organized piles back on the shelves and in the drawers.

What is that you say...you have space left over?
you can find what you are looking for?
your clothes are less wrinkled?
you found your favorite t-shirt that has been lost?

Yessss.... the diet is a success...You have SLIMMED down your closet, created more space...and I see a smile.

I promise you, this is a diet that won't fail...Now if I could only invent something that would work this quickly on my body....I bet I could get on OPRAH!