Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Organizing with PETER WALSH...

OK....I have died and gone to organizing Heaven!!!
When I went to HSN this August, I was lucky enough to do 3 shows with
the King of all organizing Mr. Peter Walsh!

I am sure you all recognize Peter from his many appearances on the OPRAH show. You also will remember him from Clean Sweep. The ability that this man has when it comes to "cutting the clutter" is amazing. He has an uncanny way of looking at an unorganized situation and creating a step by step path to create order.

He calls himself an Organizing Geek...but this is a Geek we should all aspire to be. He breaks down the problem step by step, uses the right tools, (he loves the FlipFOLD), and energizes you to tackle the task.

I can't help but wonder if that cute Aussie accent helps him...his organizing words are inspiring.

I will be back on HSN September 16th at 6am and 2pm...I promise I will try to channel THE KING!