Monday, March 2, 2009

ORGANIZE your wardrobe 1 step at a time

OK...Spring is coming and it is time to reorganize your wardrobe... you
open the closet doors, and look at those shelves and drawers ....and you are totally overwhelmed. We all have been there...UGH.

Here is an organizing approach that will help you tackle the closet monster.

1. Do NOT try to tackle this job in one day. Separate your hanging clothes into 4 equal sections. Rehang, repair, colorize and reshuffle 1 section a day for 4 days.

2. Now, assign your shelves and drawers to the next 3 days...refold, re stack, and colorize. Now in 1 week, you have everything arranged in a somewhat of a orderly visible manner.

3. NOW that you can see everything, review your wardrobe by silhouette. Day 8, evaluate your tops, day 9 your pants, day 10 sweaters, day 11 dresses, day 12 jackets, day 13 and 14 miscellaneous. You should be able to filter out at least 25% of your wardrobe.

4. The CLOSET MONSTER can be tamed, a day at a time. In 2 weeks, by just spending about 15 minutes a day, you can actually find order in your wardrobe without having a total meltdown.

And, just think how proud that would make your mother!