Thursday, May 22, 2014

FlipFold Reviews

We are so thankful for our FlipFold customers. Here are a few things they are saying about our FlipFold- Made in the USA!

"Flip n fold was everything promised, reviews helped me to decide which one, and it is perfect and in the color of my choice!" - Elizabeth, TN

"Love the Flipfold! Easy to use. Shirts look better and fit better in drawers/closet....and my teenage son wants to fold all the clothes!" -Jen, PA

"I don't know why I waited so long to get one. I'm about to order the junior version just because my kids love it so much." -Nicki, PA

"The FlipFold 2 pack is a good buy. The product works great, try it out - you'll be sold!" -Wesley, NC

"I've had a FlipFold for youth for a long time now and I love it. Now we had to get a FlipFold for adults and I'll continue to love it as well." -Orlando, IA

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Happy Shopping! 

Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where to buy FlipFold

There are a few places to buy the Original FlipFold- The Ultimate Folding Tool. Check out the list below for our official distributors.

FlipFold Adult 

The Home Shopping Network: 

The Container Store  : Click here for a list of locations

International Distributors: 

Australia & New Zealand
Blair Lifestyle/Flipfold Australia
PH: 07 3252 53 53

Eddie's Hang-Up Display Ltd.
PH: 877-433-3437

My Filosophy
PH:780-432-8001 or 780-488-2334

Europe & United Kingdom


The Container Store now ships internationally, including to Mexico.

Please be aware that many "knockoffs" or sold on eBay, Amazon, and other online shopping sites. FlipFold is Made in America- these knockoffs are not made in the USA, & are made of lesser quality material. 

Any questions? Email us at 

Happy Folding! 

The FlipFold Team 

Friday, May 2, 2014

How to Fold a Pajamas

Do you take the time to fold your PJ's? You should! Here are 2 different ways to get the job done! 

How to fold a Nightgown

How to fold a Pajama Set

This video shows you how to fold pants & shirt, just follow the same steps for your PJ's! 

For more "How To" videos, check out FlipFold's Youtube Channel here

And don't forget, FlipFold- The Original Folding Tool- is Made in the USA

Happy Folding! 

The FlipFold Team