Monday, August 30, 2010

Flip 'N Zip- The "See Everything Tote"

In our blog last week, we mentioned we launched a brand new product on HSN- the Flip 'N Zip.

Watch the video below to see the Flip 'N Zip in action during our HSN Anniversary Shows. Black and purple are still available on HSN's site. Click here to visit HSN's site and for more info on the Flip 'N Zip.

You'll love the Flip 'N Zip. Here is what you get:
- Tote bag (black or purple)
- Clear zipper pouch (TSA approved)
- Clear portfolio insert

What will you use it for?
- Business
- Travel
- Everday purse
- Crafting

Click here to visit HSN's site and for more info on the Flip 'N Zip.

Happy Organizing!
Debbee & the FlipFold Team

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank You for a Great Anniversary Show!

Hello FlipFolders!

We had such a great time at HSN yesterday for our Anniversary Shows. Thank you for your support of our products over the year.

Yesterday we launched our new product- the Flip 'N Zip. It is the ultimate "see everything tote". The tote unzips at the sides and has clear pockets that will allow you to have a purse, tote, briefcase or gym bag that is so organized! No more digging through a "black hole" bottomless bag anymore. Check out this awesome new tote that will help you organize your life!

Just type in "Debbee Flip 'N Zip" to We are sure you'll love it.

Happy Organizing!
Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Thursday, August 19, 2010

See Flip 'N Dazzle in Action

Hey FlipFolders!

As you know, a few short months ago we began to post "how to" videos for our FlipFold. We hope these videos have provided helpful tips and tricks to stay organized.

Today, we just posted the first Flip 'N Dazzle video. In this video, Debbee covers all the features of the Flip 'N Dazzle & how it can keep your jewelry organized, protected, & hidden! Check it out.

And please, if you ever have any suggestions for us, please email us at

Happy Dazzling!
Debbee & The FlipFold Team
FlipFold on Facebook
Flip 'N Dazzle on Facebook

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vegas, HSN & FlipFold- It Keeps Coming!

We had such a wonderful time at the HSN Live Event in Vegas. It was an amazing experience to spend time with other vendors, HSN customers, and our favorite HSN celebrities!

We will be sure to post more pictures over the next few days. This week will be preparing for our Debbee Anniversary Show next Tuesday, August 24th. We will be debuting a new product, along with other exciting offers from HSN.

Please tune in for the Debbee Anniversary Show on HSN, Tuesday August 24th- 9a.m., 1 p.m. & 7 p.m. EST. More to come!

Happy Folding!
Debbee & The FlipFold Team
The Original FlipFold on Facebook
Flip 'N Dazzle on Facebook

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heading to Vegas!

Hello FlipFolders!

We are so excited for this weekend! We are heading to Vegas for the HSN "Live in Vegas" Event.

HSN & Harrah's entertainment are teaming up to bring their customers a behind the scenes look at 5 1/2 hours of live HSN programming from Vegas. HSN celebrities such as Wolfgang Puck, Molly Sims, & Jennifer Flavin-Stallone will host shows LIVE from Planet Hollywood.

Also, we will be at the boutique shows with FlipFold and Flip 'N Dazzle. Follow us on twitter @DebbeeFlipFold so we can keep you updated on all the events!

As always- Happy Folding!

Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flip 'N Dazzle Jewelry/Bead Organizer Now Has a Facebook Page!

Hello FlipFolders!

Have you seen our Flip 'N Dazzle jewelry/bead organizer? The Flip 'N Dazzle is the perfect organizer for the woman on the go.

Flip 'N Dazzle was designed with...
*Various sized clear pockets to organize and protect your earrings,charms,bracelets,watches,brooches
*Cushioned ring bars
*Necklace tray with hook and loop closures(your necklaces will never tangle again!)
*Removable travel roll enables you to take a sampling of your jewels or crafts with you!

The possibilities are endless for beaders & crafters...
*Flip 'N Dazzle has a spot for everything
*No more fumbling with vials of beads,all your supplies will be in one place
*Think of the Dazzle as a photo album for your jewelry & beads

The Flip 'N Dazzle now has a Facebook page! Visit our page for product updates, special offers, and events. We will be attending the 2011 To Bead True Blue Show in Tucson, Arizona. Stay tuned for details!

Ladies-dazzle yourself! You deserve it!

Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thank You To Our Social Media Fans

As a "thank you" to all of our facebook fans, twitter followers, and blog readers, we are offering a FlipFold -Back to School Special-through August 22,2010.

Select one of the products under our "Specials for Social Media Fans" on our website, and enter coupon code "8181" at checkout.

- Purchase Adult/Junior Combo & receive FREE laundry bag.

- Purchase Adult 2 Pack & receive FREE laundry bag.
You must enter the coupon code upon checkout to receive this limited offer.

Thank you for your support. And, if you ever have any feedback, comments or questions please let us know.

Happy Folding & Thank You!
The FlipFold Team

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Change of Season, Change of Wardrobe

I am ready for a change of season.

Even though it is only August 4th, I think I am in need of a change of season. Back to school ads are popping up everywhere signaling that Fall is upon us. It is about this time of year that I start to think about rearranging my closet.

I slowly start to move my sun dresses, shorts, t-shirts, and other summer inspired garments toward the tail end of my closet. Since I live in Florida, (where we usually fluctuate between hot and hotter) I do not let them go too far. This is also a good time to assess what I have worn during this last spring/summer season, and agonize over what I should donate.

Last winter we had a colder season than usual, which was fun (for a little while). I was able to pull out my favorite scarves, sweaters, and wraps out of my seasonal storage bags. They looked just as fresh as when I stored them.

I encourage you to start filtering through your spring/summer wardrobe, even if it is just one drawer at a time. You will be amazed how a little bit of preventative organization will start you off on the right foot as we look forward to another Fall season.

As always-Happy Folding!
Debbee & The FlipFold Team