Monday, August 29, 2011

Travel Light- Pack Your Outfits

We all know how hectic traveling is these days.For this reason, I try to carry on my luggage whenever possible. This has caused me to learn how to "pack light" which is torture.

Pack Your Outfits
I used to just throw in a few pairs of jeans, leggings, an assortment of tops and several pairs of shoes.I would of course only end up wearing a few items during my trip.

Now, I strictly pack by outfit.I make sure to strategically bring my favorite pair of jeans/leggings/bottoms each with their own matching top. After I have made my selections, I fold them TOGETHER with my Flipfold, so there is no confusion as to what goes with what. Check out this "how to" video to see what I mean!

Happy Travels & Happy Folding,
Debbee & The FlipFold

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where Can I Purchase FlipFold? Update

Hello FlipFolders!

Every so often, we receive emails and phone calls from our wonderful customers asking where they can purchase a FlipFold, aside from our website, Here is the most current list!

The Home Shopping Network
**Be sure to check back here on our blog, our Facebook page, or our Twitter account, @DebbeeFlipFold for upcoming HSN airings! **

The Container Store
Click here to find a Container Store location near you.

International Official FlipFold Distributors
Australia & New Zealand - Green Apple Organising

Canada- Vancouver & Edmonton
Eddie's Hang Up Display
My Filosohpy

Europe- U.K. -

The Netherlands
- Pink Tag


South Africa- Bruben

And remember, if you ever have any questions, email us at

Happy Folding!
Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FlipFold's Anniversary Shows: A Recap

In case you missed our very special Anniversary Shows on HSN earlier this month, here is a clip for you!

FlipFold will be back at HSN at the end of September. Until then, visit FlipFold's YouTube Channel for other HSN airings, & how to videos with Debbee!

Here are a few of the top How To Video's on FlipFold's YouTube Channel
- How to Fold a T-shirt

-How to Fold Pants & Jeans

-How to Fold a Collared Shirt

Happy Folding!
Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School Already?

Where did the summer go? Wasn't 4th of July just the other day?

Time for the kids to go back to school, which usually means more laundry created by football practice and dance class. Why not have the kids help you out- grab a FlipFold Adult/Junior Combo. This way, the kids can fold all their clothes with the Junior FlipFold, and you won't have to worry about re-folding after they are done.

I promise, having the kids help out with their own laundry will make the first few weeks of back to school much more bearable.

Use the Adult FlipFold for your clothes, towels, linens and even have your kids help with that too. Why not? No matter who is tackling the laundry with FlipFold, will make sure everything is crisply folded to the same uniform size, every time.

Enjoy & Happy Folding!

Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Fold a Towel, No Matter What Size It Is

Have you noticed that depending on where you purchase your bath towels from, they are all different sizes? This can be quite a hassle when you are attempting to neatly fold your towels(especially when preparing for house guests).

We have a solution! Fold your bath towels with FlipFold and they all will be folded to the same, uniform size so you can neatly stack them in your linen closet.By the way, you can also use FlipFold Jr. for hand towels and other smaller linens like pillowcase.

Here is our How to Video for folding bath towels with FlipFold. This same technique will also work with a flat sheet.

Be sure to try this out. You might even want to leave your towels out for that fresh, inviting spa look.

Happy Folding!
Debbee & The FlipFold Team