Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to Fold a Bath Towel

There are few things in life that drive us crazier than a messy linen closet. We love FlipFolding our towels, flat sheets, blankets & fabric.

For more " how to" videos, check FlipFold's Youtube Channel

Happy Folding! 

The FlipFold Team

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Laundry Folder

FlipFold® is a patented product made in the USA- something we are so unbelievably proud of! Please watch out for "fake" FlipFolds on discount sites!

We all want the best deal, especially when it comes to shopping online. Over the years "fake" copies/ counterfeit FlipFolds have been popping up, whether they are on "deal" sites or online retailers. We are constantly policing these sites to keep our brand clean & protect our customers. Click here to read more about FlipFold quality

We like to make sure our customers know that these "fake" FlipFolds are not made in the USA and are of lesser quality(we want to protect you!). Want to buy a real, MADE IN AMERICA, FlipFold? See the list below.

Offical FlipFold U.S. Retailers 
The Container Store 

International Retailers & Distributors 

Australia & New Zealand

PH: 07 3252 53 53


Eddie's Hang-Up Display Ltd.
PH: 877-433-3437

My Filosophy
PH:780-432-8001 or 780-488-2334

Europe & United Kingdom




Any questions? Email 

Happy Folding! 
The FlipFold Team 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Shirt Folder from Big Bang Theory - Reviews

We are always so thankful when our fabulous customers take time to submit a FlipFold review. Take a peek at these recent reviews! 

"Flipfold works great, folds T-shirts nice and neat!!!" - Jennifer, AL

"Nice colors (ordered a purple and a green). Got them for the grandkids. Work well too." - Anonymous, GA

"I'm completely satisfied with my experience and purchase of the flipfold package. I bought it for my grand daughter who is 5 years old and now folds the laundry for her whole family. Great product!!!! Simple is always better!" - Harold, AZ

FlipFold Adult/Junior Combo
"Love the uniformity and the space it saves in my dresser. Smaller size works great on smaller items. Thanks Sheldon Cooper for using this on Big Bang Theory!"- DJM, MA

"I was so happy to receive the flip fold from your company. When I fold my husband's shirts, I never get the sleeves correct, this product makes it so easy and neat to fold his shirts now. Thank you for putting such a wonderful product on the market." - Nancy, FL 

Thank you FlipFolders! And don't forget that FlipFold- The(Original) Ultimate Folding Tool is a US Patented Product Made in the USA!

Check out FlipFold's Youtube channel for how to videos!

Happy Folding! 

The FlipFold Team

Sheldon's Shirt Folder

Sheldon has used his FlipFold many times on our favorite show, The Big Bang Theory!

FlipFold (the Original) - Ultimate Folding Tool® is made in the USA

Happy Folding & BAZINGA! 

The FlipFold Team 

**This is the Original, US Patented FlipFold- The Ultimate Folding Tool®. Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations. **