Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get Organized with Debbee on HSN- New Products Coming To You

We have quite a busy weekend ahead of us. We will be heading to the Home Shopping Network to launch a few new organizational products!

Bee Bag Handbag Organizer

The Bee Bag solves a problem every woman faces daily-trying to find your lipstick,phone,keys, etc in the black hole of your handbag!The Bee Bag offers an instant organization system for all your daily essentials, not to mention switching from handbag to handbag will now be a breeze!

Here is one of our Bee Bag's stuffed with goodies from our purse (yes, we use all of our own products!)

Just drop the Bee Bag into your favorite handbag, or even use it by itself!You will love being able to find exactly what you are looking for in seconds!

Flip Zip & Go Tote
The Flip Zip 'N Go will be very similar to our Flip 'N Zip, but we have fabulous new colors available for Spring! We can't wait to show you! (Great idea for Mother's Day!)

Here is our schedule of HSN show airings
Sunday, April 3rd 8 a.m. ET
-Bee Bag Handbag Organizer
-Flip Zip & Go Tote

Monday, April 4th, 12 noon ET
-Bee Bag Handbag Organizer
-Flip Zip & Go Tote

If you have purchased any of our products previously from HSN, we would love for you to call in a be a live testimonial on air!

Happy Organizing!
Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Monday, March 21, 2011

Laundry Tips from FlipFold

Doing laundry with FlipFold can cut your laundry time in half. Here are a few tips we picked up over the years! And let us know if you have any FlipFold tips you have come across! Enjoy!

FlipFold & Travel
Use FlipFold when you are packing your suitcase or duffle bag. You will be able to fit more into your carry-on bag now that all your clothes (no matter what size-XS-XXXL) are uniformly folded. You will arrived less wrinkled too!

The FlipFold Jr. will fit in most carry-on bags, and the FlipFold Adult will fit into the bottom of your larger suitcases, so you can return home just as organized as you left!

FlipFold in the Linen Closet

Have you ever noticed that depending on where you purchase a bath towel, the size will vary drastically?This makes folding towels to the same size, by hand, quite a task.

But, with FlipFold, all your towels will be folded to a uniform size. This technique can be used for sheets as well. You will love how your linen closets look after FlipFold gets a hold of them!

FlipFold & Kid's Clothes
I invented FlipFold so my girls could fold their own laundry, neatly- (neatly, meaning I would have to go and re-fold it). No matter who is FlipFolding- everything will fold to the same size, the same way.

FlipFold Junior is perfect for kids clothes, since it folds to a slightly smaller dimension (7" x 10").

What about nightgowns and beach cover ups? Do you hang them or fold them? FlipFold makes it easy!

Happy Folding!
Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Monday, March 14, 2011

BEE BAG- The Ultimate Handbag Organizer

The Bee Bag …at last, the perfect way to keep your handbag organized! Wouldn’t you love for the contents of your handbag to be organized and stored in one place, so switching from bag to bag is a breeze?

Simply put your wallet, phone, keys and the rest of your daily essentials into the Bee Bag, and place it inside of your favorite handbag. Everything will "bee" at your fingertips-no more digging through your handbag!

The Bee Bag’s organizing system includes our exclusive “Beehive” elastic storage system, double layer side pockets, and large zip pockets. All of your belongings will be stored upright for easy access.

Want to change handbags in snap without leaving anything behind? Just grab the Bee Bag handles and transport all of your stuff from one bag to another in seconds.

The Bee Bag is available in Black or Leopard.

So, bee organized, bee chic, and bee fun …bee-cause you deserve it!!!!

Happy Organizing!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FlipFold on HSN

We had such a great time yesterday at The Home Shopping Network! In case you missed our show, here is the clip!

Happy Folding!

Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FlipFold LIVE on HSN

Make sure to tune into the Home Shopping Network Tuesday, March 8th @ 9a.m. ET. FlipFold will be live on air! If you have previously ordered a FlipFold from HSN, we would love for you to call in to the live testimonial line!

Here is one of our favorite FlipFold shows from a few months ago.....

Happy Folding!