Monday, April 30, 2012

FlipFold Contest: Win a FlipFold!


Enter your FlipFold pictures into
 FLIPFOLD's Great American Fold-Off 
& you could win the ultimate "FlipFolding System":

Do you have pictures of...
  • Closets & drawers transformed by FlipFold
  • Using FlipFold at work
  • Friends & family using FlipFold

Here are the categories:
-Most Organized Closet  
-Funniest picture of someone folding with a FlipFold
-Largest amount of garments folded with a FlipFold 
-Best "Sheldon" (from Big Bang Theory) look-a-like using FlipFold

The winner from each category will win the ultimate "FlipFolding System": 

So get folding and send in those pics! We will post the winning pictures on Facebook & the FlipFold Blog!

-Post your FlipFold pictures on our Facebook page
- Tweet us @DebbeeFlipFold 
-Pin them on Pinterest, (you can follow FlipFold on Pinterest  here, use #flipfold)

 Please submit pictures by Monday, May 14th, 2012 and we will announce a winner on Wednesday May 16th, 2012. 

Offer valid to U.S. and Canada residents only.  

Happy Folding!
Debbee & the FlipFold Team

Any questions? Post them on our Facebook page.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Great Gifts for Grads

Need a few extra gifts for all the soon-to-be grads in your life?  Grab the Adult 2 Pack or the Adult/Junior Combo - it's like 2 gifts in one!

Adult 2 Pack

Adult/Junior Combo

FlipFold is the perfect thing for any grad leaving the nest-not only will they look less wrinkled- the will be able to fit more clothes in their teeny tiny dorm rooms! 

Happy Folding! 
Debbee & The FlipFold Team

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Get Organized- Tune into HSN Friday the 13th

Make sure to tune in this Friday (scroll down for times) to see FlipFold, Flip 'N Dazzle Jewelry Organizer, the Bee Bag HandBag Organizer, & the Jewelry Armoire live! 

Bee Bag Handbag Organizer- Check out our Mother's Day Special

Flip 'N Dazzle Jewelry Organizer with travel roll and passport cover

Interior of Flip 'N Dazzle- can organize all your jewels!

FlipFold Adult 2 Pack

Here are the HSN show times for Friday, April 13th! 

1 a.m. ET- FlipFold & Jewelry Armoire
4 p.m.ET - Jewelry Armoire
7 p.m.ET - Jewelry Armoire
Need a gift for Mother's Day? Make sure you tune in because in every hour we have the perfect gifts for Mom-no matter what age!   
 Happy Organizing & don't forget about Mom
Debbee & the FlipFold Team 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sheldon's FlipFold on The Big Bang Theory

Did you see the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory last night?  We always love when Sheldon is in the laundry room, and last night was no exception! 

Sheldon used his FlipFold laundry folder while taking advice from Penny. (Although the highlight of the episode could be Sheldon in a French maid's costume!)

If you missed the episode last night, click here to watch the full episode on

(Here's a screen shot from last night's episode. Click here to watch the full episode on

Happy Folding & (of course) Bazingaaaa!
The FlipFold Team

** image via**

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day is right around the corner & we have the perfect gift for any Mom!

 For this Mother's Day, we are offering a FREE gift with purchase: receive a magenta flower clip with the purchase of a Bee Bag Handbag Organizer.

Bee Bag Handbag Organizer with flower clip
This detachable flower clip is the perfect accent for your Bee Bag, clothing, hair, or any place you need a bright pop of color.

Need to change your handbag in a snap

Wouldn't you love for the contents of your handbag to be organized and stored in one place, so switching from bag to bag is a breeze?

  • Durable handles allow for quick transition from one handbag to another
  • 13 inside pockets allow for storage of various-sized items
  • Interior zipper pouch
  • 4 exterior pockets for additional storage 
  • Not just for your purse- keep your cosmetics, vitamins & crafts organized 

  • Happy Shopping! 
    Debee & The FlipFold Team 

    *Mother's Day Special only available through May 2nd, 2012.

    Monday, April 2, 2012

    Spring Cleaning

    Sometimes we need a little outside motivation to tackle our to-do list. Since it is finally Spring that means it is time to dive into Spring Cleaning head first.

    Lately, I have been loving the inspiring images I have come across on Pinterest. Check out a few of my favorite closets on my Pinterest Board , "Closets We Love".

    Source: via FlipFold on Pinterest

    Source: via FlipFold on Pinterest

    Happy Spring Cleaning!
    Debbee & The FlipFold Team