Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Use FlipFold to Fold Your Linens

Have you ever tried folding linens with your FlipFold? You will be able to fold your sheets,towels and pillowcases to a crisp uniform size and save room in your linen closet. You might even want to leave your linen closet doors open when you have a house guest. Everything will look so neat and uniform they might think they are in a five star hotel!

Follow these steps to fold a sheet:
1.Pre-fold the sheet into quarters
2.Lay the rectangular folded sheet over the FlipFold
3. Make sure there is equal overlap on noth sides of the FlipFold. (This is will ensure you will get a crisp, even fold).
4. FlipFold as usual.

Even though pre-folding of larger linens, such as sheets and towels, is necessary using FlipFold will allow your linens to be folded to the same dimension. This will save space in your closet while helping you become more organized.

Here's a FlipTip:
Place your pillowcases on top of your pre-folded sheet before you FlipFold.This will allow you to store your sheet sets together, no more searching through your closet!

Here is Debbee's latest FlipFold show on HSN. She will demonstrate how to fold towels, shirts-(long sleeved, short sleeved, dress shirts) and more. Check out the before & after of the closet!

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