Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Keep your Purse Organized- (From an Expert!)

Check out this month's guest blog post from Dr. Darnita L Payden, who has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology & is an organizational expert featured on A&E's Hoarders. She is an unbelievable resource for anyone trying to restore order in their life. For more information on Dr.Payden & her organizational services click here

Dr. Payden has previously reviewed our FlipFold. This month she tackled a problem all women face- keeping our purse organized! Enter- Debbee's Bee Bag!
Bee Bag Purse Organizer
Check out Dr. Darnita L. Payden's Review.....

"I am a woman of order and function; in fact I crave them both. However, as is often the case, in some instances and on some rare occasions, I "suffer" (being dramatic here, of course) for my profession and allow both order and function to fall by the wayside. Such is the case with one of my favorite accessories-my handbag. I love handbags (if one can be enamored of an inanimate object); I especially adore BIG handbags-unashamedly, unapologetically and unrepentantly, I am a "big-handbag-kinda-girl". However, the problem is that the bigger the bag, the more "stuff" I can carry in said bag. See where I'm going?

In past times I have conducted what I have termed, "Empathy Exercises™". During an EE™, I basically ignore everything I believe, know, live and teach about order and function. "Why", you might ask would I do such a thing? Well, I do it to get a sense, a feeling, and an idea of what many of my clients may deal, face and struggle with, on a daily basis. Now, this is not scientific (and no handbags were harmed during this experiment), but it's also not rocket science that if you remove order and function, chaos and dysfunction occurs.

So, for a couple of weeks, I allowed any and everything to go into my "Big Handbag" without any concern for order or function (or weight); without censoring or selection; without care or thought. If I had it, needed it or wanted it, it went in the handbag. Not only did it go in, but also it stayed there-no purging or sorting allowed. Papers, lotions, potions, pens, clips, phones, notebooks, and other such things occupied my portable, totable space.

Before the Bee Bag
My love for my handbag began to wane as it literally, after a time, began to weigh me down, both physically and emotionally. My shoulder ached, as did my head because due to the daily routine of foraging through the seemingly bottomless abyss that had become my shoulder's burden to bear, I could find nothing!! Cell phones rang-unanswered, receipts-unfound; I rummaged, I scrambled, I stopped-it was just too much of a not-so-good-thing!!

And scene…so I returned to the life I love and crave, one of order and function. I purged and trashed, emptied and sorted until I could see the bottom of my handbag once more. To take it a step further, I added another level of order and function to my arsenal-the Debbee Bee Bag Organizer which helped me keep the contents of my handbag in one ordered and functional space. No more moving all of my 'stuff" from handbag to handbag-no, I simply move the Debbee Bee Bag Organizer. It has pockets (inside and outside), slots and a zippered compartment too-all the space a big handbag girl could want. Now when I'm ready to change my handbag, I simply grab the handy handles, move and go. Another benefit?? I found I didn't NEED over two-thirds of the stuff I was carrying!! BONUS!!

After the Bee Bag
Will this organizer simply your life? Well, we can't promise simplicity of life, but it can, with proper use help you keep your handbag more ordered and functional. Hey, every bit helps!!

Want your very own Debbee Bee Bag Organizer?? Stay tuned-you could win one!!

"Bee" organized and functional!!
Dr. Darnita L. Payden

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